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Summer’s Gone:

One short, beautiful summer of love,
and then a tragedy – and the Vietnam
War – will drive four friends apart.
But nothing is straightforward about
what has come between them. And nothing is
clear, really, until years later, when Nick goes back
to where it all happened and trawls through
his memory to put the pieces together.

Charles Hall reads from Summer's Gone

Helen died on the day Sgt. Pepper’s went on sale...

The advent of rock’n’roll and the ready availability of the contraceptive pill brought about a social revolution in Australia that began in the late fifties and continued into the early seventies with the beginnings of the feminist movement. It also brought the birth of youth culture as a separate identity  — where previously adolescents wanted nothing more than to look like their middle aged parents — and massive popular protests against the ongoing war in Vietnam. I would argue that the sixties decade was the beginning of the modern era, and that this critical period of Australia’s history has been largely ignored as a subject suitable for a fictional treatment.