Charles Hall St Kilda Summer's Gone

'Anyone who was young in Australia in the 1960s will be completely swept up
by this book, and its tone has the ring of vividly remembered experience...'

                                                                                                                Sydney Morning Herald
Summer’s Gone :

Helen died on the day Sgt. Pepper’s went on sale.
    She was lying on the kitchen floor when I got back, on the
lino with the brown squares I always hated. At first I didn’t
see her, I was too busy studying the picture on the sleeve,
trying to work out who all the people were. And I didn’t mean
to be gone so long but there was a queue, it was only when I
trod on her hand that I noticed she was there and the dark red
pool all over the lino and her blue nightdress …

This is a story that depicts life in Australia in the sixties and early seventies, as recalled by Nick, the first-person narrator, in the present day. The story is set against a back-drop of the ‘Summer of Love’ and the social revolution that occurred in that era, and is based on issues of the time such as the war in Vietnam and conscription. It is set in Perth and Melbourne, with brief excursions to the Nullarbor and London.

About the author:

Charles Hall was born and raised in Perth and educated at UWA and at Melbourne. He has had a wide experience of day jobs, including truckie’s offsider, arc welder, builder’s labourer, recording studio engineer, shoveller of chook manure, biomedical engineer and high school physics teacher.
    He has hitch-hiked across Australia (twice) and has lived at various times in Perth, London and Melbourne. He played guitar in a band that had a top-5 hit in Perth and spent the nineties as guitarist and songwriter for an independent alt-country band in Melbourne.
    He currently lives in Melbourne and also in rural Victoria with his wife, the singer Sue Richmond. Summer's Gone is his first novel.